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Ali Banat

Who is Ali Banat?

Ali Banat was an Australian entrepreneur, social worker, social activist, charity worker, philanthropist and founder of Muslims Around the World (MATW) and he is famously known for donating all he had to the less privileged in Africa and around the world before he died in May, 2018.

Ali Banat Biography and Education

Ali Banat was born on the 16th of February, 1982 in Sydney, Australia and he was also raised there, Banat was born into a Muslim family and right from his early days as a kid, Banat always wanted to follow in the footstep of his father who was a renowned and successful businessman.

Banat attended both High School and University in Australia and after graduating from the University with the help of his parents he was able to start his own business and as time went on he began to record success, at the very young age of 29, he was already one of the most successful Muslim young men in Australia as he owned 2 successful businesses and being rich at that young age came with a lot lavish lifestyle as he was the sort of person who earned enormous income and also lavished it on material things such as luxurious cars, expensive wristwatches, branded perfumes, lavish vacations and he displayed his luxurious lifestyle on social media, but all this changed after he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Ali Banat

Ali Banat Death

Banat was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2015 and it was after this diagnosis that his life changed for good, after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer which has eaten deep into his body, Ali was given barely 6 to 7 months to live.

After Ali was shocked with all this happenings, he began to appear on interviews where he then admonished people especially the young ones to live a life that is right to Allah and Banat didn’t take his cancer as a misfortune rather he took it as a gift and he titled his sickness A Gift from Allah, Banat knew he was surely going to die but he decided to use his last days on earth to impact on the lives of others, Banat sold all his luxurious cars, expensive wristwatches, mansions and every other thing which he had and donated it to the less privileged in Countries like Ghana, Togo, Ethiopia and many more.

Instead of living for only 6 to 7 months like he was told by the doctors, Banat lived for three years and died on the 29th of May, 2018.

Ali Banat Wife and Family

Banat was married to a woman named Irina Moses and they reportedly had a son named Royan Banat and information regarding Banat’s parents, siblings and family members are unknown.

Ali Banat Ethnicity and Nationality

Banat was of Pakistani descent but he lived in Australia all his life and therefore was of Australian nationality.

Ali Banat House

Before his death, Banat and his family all resided in Greenacres, Sydney, Australia.

Ali Banat Net Worth and Salary

Ali Banat net worth is estimated to be $300 million and he earned over $16 million as salary annually before his death and his net worth accumulated as a result of his success as a businessman and investor.

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